Remove NSFW sites in your history with one click!

We will go through your history and compare it to over 15,000 NSFW sites and delete them from your history.

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Let's talk money

So that we can keep your data safe Clean My History is a paid service.

2.99 Once off
  • Remove all NSFW Sites in one click
  • Add custom sites to remove
  • The warm feeling of supporting an indie marker.
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We won't EVER sell your data, in fact we don't even store anything, just delete it.

My with 💖 by an independent Maker

Robert James Gabriel


I love to build and make apps. I make free and opensource projects like opendyslexic which is used by 100,000 users. I also make paid apps. I built Clean my History on my own without funding or outside support. So any support would be great and allows me to work on making the world better.